Sancroft International

Investor interest in the current plastics agenda

June 13, 2018

Sancroft consultant, Ross Lakhdari, is joined by Lord Deben and Alison Hampton to discuss the evolving narrative around plastics from an investor’s perspective.

Key points:

  • Competing technologies are emerging, and these are making the avoidance of plastic more feasible across the value chain
  • Investors should take stock of plastic usage within their portfolio companies as an immediate step
  • Resource shortage and resource efficiency remains a material concern of strategic importance
  • Non-engagement with this kind of issue can be seen as a proxy for wider management failures within companies – what else are they missing?
  • The overall plastics agenda is not a fad – it is here to stay
  • Commercial opportunities are emerging as a result of the changing landscape
  • Successful investors will take a hold of this issue, and will subsequently benefit when they are trying to sell to the next buyer
  • A holistic understanding of the overall narrative is crucial; themes such as food waste and microfibres must be assessed
  • Firms must work to protect themselves from future legislation around this topic
  • Understanding NGOs is important- they greatly influence end consumers